What is pyrography?

Pyrography is a Greek word. pur (meaning fire) and graphos (meaning writing). People have probably "written with fire" since fire was discovered. Cavemen used charred sticks to draw on the walls of their caves!. Pyrography was practised in Peru 3000 years ago. Some researches says that Peru is the birthplace of pyrography.

My experience

Having no previous knowledge of pyrography art I saw wood burning art (in 2008) in Oegstgeest - South Holland. Then I bought a standard wood burner at a hobby-shop. I was trying to make some portrait and sketches with that starter kit but didn't get a successful result. I didn't gave up and was looking for a professional wood-burning kit, finally I found my favourite pen is Razertip.

I primarily use basswood as my surfaces. According to its natural softness, it allows me to burn slowly with great control and accurate.

I use more line techniques by applying various degrees of heat and pressure with heated tips. The ultimate challenge in producing a successful pyrography art is patience. Moreover every artists has theirs own style. However, I am still developing my skills.




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